My mission is to be of service to you. You may have a personal growth project, a professional aspiration, a relationship desire or other vision. Whatever the task, I believe I can assist you with getting to where you want to go.

What qualifies me for to do this work?

I have been a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney for 29 years.  To become a licensed attorney required navigating college, law school, and the bar application process and the bar exam. To survive professionally and financially has meant years and years of learning to effectively relate with clients, insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, judges, staff, vendors and others.

I am a father of 2. My son is 29. He is sweet, fun and serious, super smart and focused. My daughter is 22. She is sweet and sassy, fun, loving and intelligent. Raising them was a joy and also a major challenge!  Their mother and I divorced, yet we are friendly and cooperative. We celebrate birthdays and other occasions together.

Fitness and sports activities are very central to my life. Yoga, biking, golf and swimming are my current favorites. I played all sorts of sports growing up. In high school I wrestled and played football and baseball.

I really like to read and write. My parents had books all over the house when we were growing up. That desire to learn was planted in us early.

In early adulthood, it became clear that I needed to grow emotionally and spiritually. I have since participated in all sorts of personal growth-oriented programs, retreats, studies and workshops.

I have learned in the school of life, in formal education and training, and simply as a fellow traveler on earth. We all need companions. I would be honored to be your teammate in accomplishing your vision.

Goal setting and goal reaching are central to how I operate. If goal setting and accomplishment appeal to you, I believe I can assist you. Without a doubt, I can encourage you. Certainly, I can listen to you. And, I can ask questions that will help you get clarity on who you are, where you are going, and how you will arrive.